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Gay President?

A question was posted at the forum section of guys4men (a gay site) and the answers were interesting.

The question was, "What if people like us would become President (of the Philippines) what would be the first three things that you will implement immediately after assuming office?"

Some answers were obviously gay.
*Marcova will replace Rizal

*lahat ng Goverment Establishment kulay pink at may name ko Hervee (all Government Establishment will be painted pink and with my name Hervee on it)

*change the police uniform to something more comfy and fashionable.

While some answers were really interesting
*raise the salary of the police force.

*adopt sustainable developmental policies that involve three key dimensions: the environment, the economy, and the society

*increase funding for education and enhance the business potential of the country .

*outlaw squatting, and ensure implementation.

*computerize Filipino passport, it's a shame, it's only us who are not yet computerized ( haven't travelled abroad, is this true people? - JoshuaGomez)

*an ultimatum dialogue with separatist insurgents. if no positive results - - eradicate them all.

*bitayin lahat ng KURAKOT (hang all the corrupt officials).

You, what will you do if you become the President of the Republic?
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