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That Word "Nice"

I love this! Culled from one of the Letters to Editor in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
Two young women met years after their high school days. The quiet one inquired about what the sophisticated one had been up to. The latter regaled the former with fantastic stories about how she was living the high life -- fancy clothes and cars, this bling and that bling and other worldly pleasures. To every claim of luxurious and "soci gimik" of the sophisticated one, the quiet one would just say, “That’s nice.”

Then it was the sophisticated one’s turn to ask what the quiet one had been doing. The quiet one replied: “Oh, not much. My parents sent me to Switzerland to study.”

“And how was that?” the sophisticated one queried with a noticeable lack of genuine interest.

“Oh, very boring, really. The only thing the teachers kept hammering on us was never to say “shit” and say “nice” instead.
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