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February 12 passed by without much funfare. It seem like an ordinary Sunday (well it is for most of the people), except that I turned 30 on that day.

I really don't know what with is the age 30. For many, to be 30 is old (your almost way out of the calendar).

But do I consider myself old? Honestly, no. I feel like I am 25 years old. And this I said without any tinge of exaggeration. I always feel that youth is a state of mind, so I won't be limited with thnigs that I do just becuase I am 30. There is much to be explore when you're 30.

And yes! At 30 year old I feel good, I can lift a 100 pound bench press with 12 repetition and 3 sets. At 20, to lift a 40 pounder took a lot of effort.

I am 30 years old, so what?!!! Hehehehehehe!
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